Bronco Dry Cleaners in Orange and Tustin

$5 off when you spend $20+ Special on Halloween 10/31/18!

Excludes leathers, suede, and formals. Only valid on Wednesday 10/31/18. Happy Halloween!



Affordable Dry Cleaning Price


Any garment cleaned and pressed $2.50 with coupon (excludes leather and formal) our regular price is $2.75 no limit. For more information on our pricing, please visit our services page.

Our Dry Cleaners are Open on Sunday for your Convenience!


UPDATE: As of 1/15/18, our pricing is $2.75 for standard garments. We have not increased our prices in over 5 years. 

Why now, after 5 years?

We have been delaying this increase as long as possible. However, the increase from $2.50 to $2.75 is necessary to enable us to continue to provide quality dry cleaning services including complimentary same day service (Monday-Saturday).

Even with the price increase, Bronco Cleaners remains among one of the most affordable dry cleaners in Orange County.



We are happy to be awarded with the 2018 Women Owned Business of the Year for the City of Tustin. Thank you from the support of our great community!

Our Mission

To provide the best possible service and quality in the fabric care industry.

We aim to make a reasonable profit while maintaining a pricing structure that ensures good value of its customers.

Customer service is not a “department” it’s an “attitude”.

This puts us another step ahead of our competition.

Come and see us, you will find plenty of easy parking and a friendly smile at the counter.

Thank you for visiting us on the web.

We are discount dry cleaners based in the cities of Tustin and Orange.

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